Church Campout

Let's Camp together!

Let's Camp Together!

Mid-July 2022 we're planning to gather once more for our annual campout, but this time we're looking at some changes! Instead of camping at Mayfield Lake as we have in the past, we're looking at Alder Lake campground, which has a lot more space available that we can use to bring more people along for the fun! We're partnering up with Ocean Beach Christian Fellowship (a Calvary Chapel church located in Long Beach WA) for this event so that we can meet new friends and keep costs down.

That said, because it's a bigger park and it has individual campsites within the group camp area (super exciting!), it is a bit more expensive than our campout has been in the past. We're estimating costs to be around $185 per campsite

help us out

We are trying to gauge interest in this new arrangement, because if we pursue this course, we'll have to go ahead and book all the sites up-front. So we need your help! If you're interested in camping with us next summer, let us know by clicking the button below. Just give us your name and let us know you're interested. This isn't a commitment, we're not asking for a deposit yet, just trying to make sure this new option will be feasible. We can't wait to hear from you!