Chili Cookoff

Men cook, families eat.

Chili Cookoff

We're back after a few years' hiatus with our annual Men's Chili Cookoff! We're so excited to be putting this back on for the church and we know that it's gonna be an awesome time!

Here's how it works:

Men: (If you want to participate) bring a chili that you made to the church by 4pm the day of the event. Our judges will be tasting and scoring from 4pm to 5pm. The rule is that you have to make the chili yourself, no premade/canned chili and no help from your significant other!

Ladies: bring a side to share (we need something to eat that's actually edible!), you can find a list of needed items below!

Non-Participants and Families: Show up at 5pm for some good chili and fellowship! It's gonna be a sweet (or should we say spicy!) time!

Competition Rules:

Stay tuned! Rules are coming up soon!

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