Church in the Park

Worship, Encouragement, Baptisms, Barbecue, Fellowship. Join us for Church in the Park!

Join us for Church in the Park!


This September in the Port of Kalama Park, we are throwing our second annual Church in the Park! This outdoor service is meant to reach the people in our community with the Gospel of Jesus, and provide our church with a great opportunity for fun and fellowship. Save the date, and invite someone to Church in the Park!

Who are YOU inviting?!


Have you been baptized? If not, now's your chance! We'll be baptizing down in the Columbia River during Church in the Park and we want you to be there! To learn more about what baptism is and why it's so important -as well as to sign up to be baptized -click the button below. We can't wait to celebrate new life with you!

Sunday, September 11th | 5pm

port of kalama park - 246 Hendrickson Drive, Kalama WA 98625