Inductive Bible Study Class

Learn to study God's word!

Learn to Study God's Word

Learning to read and study Scripture is an important part of the Christian life. And while pastors and teachers are wonderful, individual Christians should also be able to pick up any passage and read it with basic understanding and application.

The inductive method is an investigative way of studying Scripture that can be used by both new and seasoned students alike. It’s a powerful tool for those who want to learn how to study Scripture well.

When applied properly, the inductive method will provide a better overall understanding of a passage—what it says, what it meant to its original audience, and what it means today.

what are we doing?

We are hosting a two-day IBS class at the church to provide the body with the know-how and the experience to be able to work out the mysteries of God on their own!

It will be a two-Saturdays class on the 11th and the 18th of July, more details to come on times and what to expect, but if you're interested, sign up below so we know how many people to prepare for!

See you then!