Women's Bible Study

Growing closer to Jesus... Together.

Women's Bible Study

As the nurturers of our families, we also need time to get away and be nurtured ourselves by spending time in the Word of God and developing friendships based on the love of Christ. Whether you work or stay home with your children we all need to be encouraged in our walks.


THURSDAY EVENINGS & friday mornings - studying through the gospel of john

Traditionally, we've always had our women's bible study on Friday mornings, but for this study we're trying something different. We'll be having two identical studies, one on Thursday evenings at 7pm, and one the next morning, Fridays at 9:30pm. For those women who work or have kids to take care of in the morning, we wanted to have an option for you. We pray you'll be able to join us in the Word and in fellowship!

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